Natural Remedies for Schizophrenia

Someone who formulates aphorisms and has a creative way of expressing thoughts. Zircon/Zirconia stones good for grounding patient and easing mental tension. Your mind is burdened, heaviness weighs on your conscience. Canephora Robusta(Green Coffee Bean) will help with psychosis. Your brain signaling is off from being cooped in your head for too long. Being too strict and precise in your thinking, customs and lifestyle can lead to psychosis. Procaine(synthetic) may be of help to patients suffering from schizophrenia. Patients are often seeing their thoughts or envisioning themselves through the eyes of an audience. Almost as if their thoughts are being expressed to a crowd and their beliefs are shared with things outside of their self. Exposure to ionizing radiation can be a cause of the issue. You need to get proper amounts of iron in your body, low levels can lead to mental issues. Sometimes conflicting thoughts of sexuality can lead to psychosis. LGBT community more prone to mental health issues. Patients need to workout regularly and prevent pounch(belly/abdomen) fat. Too much bad sugar can affect your mental, try unrefined sugars/natural sweeteners if any. Doberman Pinschers are good service dogs for schizophrenic patients. Issues/blockages of the carotid siphon can be responsible. Mold exposure can also lead to mental issues. Kidney issues also linked to mental illness. Take zinc consistently. Brain parasites can be another factor leading to mental illness. Overconsumption of Corn protein (zein) could also be a factor leading to mental illness.



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