Natural Remedies for Nephritis

Can be inherited through genetics. Eat fruits with a high amount of pith or pectin, mostly citrus fruits, apples, pears, guavas, plums. Pith contains fiber in the form of pectin. Pectin can help reduce kidney damage. Pine bark, pine nuts good for kidneys as well. Spinier, prickled foods like Prickly pear are good for kidneys. Maybe Pieris essential oil (breathing it in) may offer relief. Your stomach lining can affect kidney function. Reishi mushroom helps kidneys as well. Estrin or estrogen plays a role or is connected to kidney function. Potassium nitrate exposure or intake may affect kidney function negatively. Nitres (fertilizer) can cause kidney issues. More frequent in men. Pineapples good for kidney function as well. Can be connected to strep throat issues left untreated. Resin (frankincense) may assist in treating kidney issues.



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