Natural Remedies for Narcissistic Personality Disorder

You may be suffering from a compact or small perspective where you only see things from a limited view. This disorder is related to cognitive function (manic issue) so you must improve brain health to cure. Narcissi flower (daffodil) helps with brain health, keep these flowers in your area or inhale an essential oil of these flowers to sooth cognitive (brain related) issues. Often your mind is prejudiced which gives you such an extremely self centered mentality. You believe things solely based on your own ideologies. Dashi or a non meat based miso soup broth could assist in better mental functioning. Kelp is great for brain health. Eat plenty of raisins and dates for brain health. Toxic fumes (ammonia) and nitrogen narcosis from cars can affect brain health. Anisic acid could help cognitive function. Inhaling or rubbing castor oil could also assist with cognitive function. Blackcurrant helps brain function. Cognitive decline issues more common in women. Mica stone good for grounding. Potassium intake improves cognitive function. Cranberries good for brain function.



Sources: plant varieties of Narcissus,antiacetylcholinesterasic therapy in Alzheimer's disease. bonito dashi is a,acid levels in the brain., anisic acid might improve,et al., 2021). Oil Health Benefits&text=Some studies suggest that flavonoids,cylinders and keeping you sharp. wave spectral activity acquired,lower fatigue compared to placebo. than 2/3 of,faster cognitive and pathological decline. specific levels.-,A​ recent study shows that consuming high levels of,could help boost brain health.

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