Natural Remedies for Dementia

You’re deteriorating mentally, which could be from a sum of things. Music playing, listening to music, engaging in performing arts (theater/improv), and even watching theater can help patient boost memory and brain function. Songs are nostalgic and can assist in bringing back memories and absorbing or engaging in reoccurring acts/performances help build memory as well. Keep patients calm, mediate, apologize to them even when they are wrong. Keep their brain from exploding in emotions. Help them stay even tempered. Being a maiden(unmarried) can factor in dementia rates. Married couples have memories they’ve built and cherish and also they have another person in their life to keep their minds sharp through old age. Eyesight can reveal first signs of dementia. City life can be linked to dementia because of its fast pace and constant change and even air quality. A slower more rural, easy to digest/memorize and breath lifestyle is more suitable. Minted scents(menthol) good for cognitive function. Plants in the Rubiaceae family good for dementia (Morinda, Coffee, Ixora, etc). Synthetic Ketamine may have benefits and is worth researching but I would use caution when dealing with lab made things. Blockages/walls in blood vessels/lymphatic vessels can affect brain flow. Lymphatic drainage is good for dementia patients. You need omega 3 which is best found in algae/seaweed (what fish eat). Patients need light, airy clothing, heavy stuff like denim can have negative effect on mental. Having hair and practicing haircare routines help patients with memory cues. Its more common in women because they tend to have longer periods of no romantic partners because of their selectivity or inability to find a suitable partner when dating whereas men may settle for quick romance to supplement their loneliness. Amines, compounds from Ammonia in elevated concentrations can lead to mental issues that create dementia. Air quality very important for brain function. Cartoons/Anime good for memory retention. They help viewers make connections with visual cues/simplicity. Help patients be in present and not bring about triggers that make them seek to remember things. It can add stress. Chow meins, MSG foods also help fight dementia.


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