Natural Remedies for Covid (Coronavirus)

Coronavirus - A predatory virus, feeds on other animals. Can cause respiratory, gastrointestinal and neurological diseases in humans and animals. It’s an insatiable virus, always adapting and mutating. Has some relation or connection to Norovirus. The mutating virus erodes the effects of previous infection immunity and vaccination. Corvinas or grapes in general could assist in fighting covid. Sounds our bodies make or changes in voice can help detect covid. Meats/dead flesh is susceptible to harboring the virus. Vicuna or alpaca antibodies could offer insight or assist in neutralizing covid. Several kinds of covid exist. It can lead to bone decay/teeth loss. Sunlight/heat may assist in fighting covid. Black resin can destroy covid on plastic surfaces. Curare may have some connection to fighting covid. Racoons or raccoon dogs may be origin of virus. The word rancorous is attached to this virus, maybe its a created virus made out of bitterness or resentment, not sure but the word is associated. Covid can have an effect on female ovisac/reproductive system. Something about corvina or dark grape wines helping combat covid. Cornus plant/fruit could help fight symptoms of covid. Covid can effect iron levels and be a leading factor in long covid symptoms. Acorns could assist in fighting viruses. Can form blood clots. Souari nut/butternut may help fight covid. Cranberries are anti-viral, good to use.


Sources: support of this, a,to the post-recovery phase. team discovered that ongoing,long COVID many months later. people with COVID-19,damage, heart attack and stroke.

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