Natural Remedies for Cancer

Several factors heighten possibility of getting cancer. Drinking puts you at a higher risk. The consumption of dead flesh (fowls-chickens/turkeys, red meats) heightens risk of cancer as well. Mother of pearl stone is good to carry. Severe acne has also been linked to heightened risk of different types of cancer. Using Sugarcane helps fight cancer. Cutting agents in drugs also can lead to higher cancer risk for addicts or frequent users. Digest maple syrup often. Proximity to pastureland/agricultural farming may also heighten risk of cancer. Running is a good exercise to consistently do to fight cancer. Senecio crassissimus (Ace plant) may have anti-cancer properties (more research needs to be done for ingestion) but start with putting them in your environment. Senecio family (ragwort) plants need to be studied further for anticancer properties. Daisy plant has cancer fighting properties. Eat or make tea from common Daisy. Eat osage oranges (hedge apples). Heavy car users/commuters at higher risk of absorbing cancer causing carcinogens. Constant absorption of “Ane” gases (Alkanes) are linked to cancer (Propane, Methane, etc). Sound frequencies can help fight cancer.



Sources: World Health Organization has,of bowel and stomach cancer. exerts anti-proliferative effects on cancer cell lines&text=Commercial sugar cane bagasse cultivated,inhibits cell growth [36]. chicken, red and processed,cancer and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. acetate extracts of maple,syrup has also been reported. 2021 meta-analysis concluded,that farmworkers, compared to the of the genus Senecio,important representatives of the genus., an isoflavone isolated from,HDACi (47, 48). cookers raise levels of,revealed in a new study. intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a cancer treatment.,clinical trial for prostate cancer.

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