Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Diseases

Your body’s organs, muscles, internal system is hardening, fossilizing like a rock. Your body is having a hard time absorbing elements like calcium, magnesium and phosphate and Vitamin D. Your body needs hydrogen treatment. Hydrogen rich (H2) water helps. You need to be somewhere with a lot of sunlight, cold weather/seasonal change can affect issue. Ammonite stones good for energy clearing. There is an issue in your omentum thats affecting your immune regulation. Your body needs daily movement/exercise to combat the condition (cycling is great). Your body needs amino acid treatment/therapy. Tamar/Tamara Dates are good to manage and combat autoimmune issues. Eat or apply oils from flowers/foods that only have stamen (Chrysanthemum, Cucumber,).Eat apples, sweet potatoes, Mamey fruit. You need fermented foods( umami, kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt) things that replenish gut health. Use mint (tea, topically, eat).




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