Natural Remedies for ADHD

Comes from childhood, having and eidetic mind often incited by things you may have seen or experienced in past. Random glimpses of inspiration constantly coming leads to a focus deficit. You’re having obsessive thoughts and you need to write down every thought that comes to mind to free your mind from having the thought reoccur. The more you write your thoughts down the less need for that thought to reoccur in your mental. You have a gift of wisdom and you’re filled with ideas you need to release. Writing is the best way to do so quickly. Foods rich in Tannic acid/Tannins help tackle brain fog and ADHD (legumes, cider, cereals, cacao, peas, coffee, tea, nuts). Potatoes are good for brain as well. Often our minds are over hyped from problems that haven’t arrived and we start to plan scenarios that harms our focus. Deal with things as they come and don’t prepare mentally in advance because its unnecessary stress. Dita Tree also known as Blackboard tree (Alstonia Scholaris) is good for stress and anxiety management and preventing epilepsy that may occur from overthinking. Feta cheese good for cognitive function. Sunlight decreases ADHD. Physical activity, using your hands more helps channel focus and prevent sporadic thinking. Ice baths/cold showers help clear the mental stress by forcing you to focus on body temperature regulation. Foot reflexology focusing on the toes can sooth mental stress.




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